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In 2016 a filmmaker named Mitch Francis brought CINEMAGIC PICTURES to life after feeling lost on his filmmaking journey Starting with short films and music videos CINEMAGIC had built a portfolio of films and over 200 music videos, working with artists such as Tyler & Ryan, Shye, Nikita Afonso, and more. A couple years later CINEMAGIC started to do commercial work with companies like Vantel Pearls, Alice's Table, Spiedel Watch, and more.


Now CINEMAGIC PICTURES is known for it's cinematic visuals and powerful stories. We continue to grow every year and push the limits with each project.


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Our goal is to tell powerful stories that provoke thought and emotion from our audience, while delivering those stories in the most cinematic way we can.

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Mitch Francis

Mitch Francis is an award winning filmmaker and started CINEMAGIC PICTURES in 2016. He is eye behind the camera and mind behind the stories. With 10+ years of experience behind him, he is looking to continue to grow and push the limits of what he and CINEMAGIC PICTURES can do.

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